FlippingBook converts PDFs into digital flipbooks you can share and track

FlippingBook converts PDFs into digital flipbooks you can share and track

Why FlippingBook?

Because PDFs no longer cut it. They can't engage your audience, boost marketing and sales efforts, or let you measure content performance. Interactive online flipbooks with custom branding and videos can do it all and so much more! See for yourself:

Because digital flipbooks reinforce marketing and sales
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    Keep your clients engaged from the first page to the last: create lifelike digital flipbooks with embedded videos, images, outbound links.



    Each flipbook becomes an extension of your brand with a clickable logo and branded publication links that have no mention of FlippingBook.



    Collect leads within your flipbooks with a built-in lead capture form. Gather any info you want: lead name, email, phone number, and more.



    Reinforce your marketing with SEO-friendly flipbooks. Plus, you can analyze content with built-in stats and improve it based on those insights.



    With trackable sales proposals, you'll know how leads interact with your content, receive open notifications via email, and follow up at the right moment.

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Our products

FlippingBook provides the tools for reinventing digital content by transforming PDFs into engaging HTML5 flipbooks.

  • Online

    Browser-based service for creating interactive, lead-generating flipbooks hosted with FlippingBook. Customize your publication, share as direct link, and track content performance.

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  • FlippingBook Publisher

    FlippingBook Publisher

    Desktop software for Windows. Host unlimited white-label flipbooks on your own server.

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  • FlippingBook Automation

    FlippingBook Automation

    Batch convert several PDFs into HTML5 automatically and integrate the software with other systems.

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  • Salespal


    Mobile platform for field sales and tradeshows with offline access to your digital flipbooks on phones and tablets.

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Who uses our products and how?

Get the scoop on some of the most common use cases from each industry expert.

Product catalogs are easy to navigate with a clickable table of contents—clients find the items they need in seconds, even in catalogs of 100+ pages.

Marketers generate quality leads with their marketing collateral and then analyze lead activity. They can also engage their target audience with videos that play right within the page.

Property brochures created with FlippingBook give real estate agents a competitive edge, because they look professional and can be linked to 360 virtual tours with ease.

Sales proposals and catalogs are available as direct trackable links, so sales reps can see how exactly each lead interacts with them! They use this info for timely follow-ups.

Online textbooks are engaging, interactive, and packed with links to useful resources. Plus, schools can save thousands of dollars on printing.

Online employee benefit guides surpass plain PDF versions and print copies that go to waste. Digital guides look professional, cut printing expenses, and are available on any device.

Librarians digitize their archives with FlippingBook. Once everything is scanned and available as PDFs, they convert each document into an online flipbook available as a link anywhere.

How to create a digital flipbook

Go beyond static PDFs with interactive flipbooks, magazines, proposals that are easy to share as direct links, and then track how clients interact with them.

  1. Upload your PDF to FlippingBook. It'll be converted into a digital flipbook that looks just like a physical copy on any device.

  2. Customize your publication: add your company branding and interactive elements, such as videos, outbound links, pop-up images, and a lead capture form.

  3. Once your publication looks its best, share it with clients: email a direct link to them or embed right it into your website making it an integral part of any page.

  4. Learn how your content performs: track page views, outbound clicks, time spent in your document. Understand your audience better to empower your marketing and sales.


FlippingBook digital publication examples

Outrival your competition with stunning online flipbooks. No matter what content you create with FlippingBook, your clients and leads will love it. See what your documents can look like below:


We’re proud of the reviews our clients leave on G2 and Capterra.

  • G2
    ? ? ? ? ?
    “The best flipbook software on the market”
    Simon G.
  • Capterra
    ? ? ? ? ?
    “Easy to provide our remote team members with materials”
    Shannon B.

See what our customers say about us

FlippingBook enables us to create tailored information for each of our target groups. It’s easily accessible on any device you can imagine.
Roman ?ípa Jansen Display Group
Roman ?ípa
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FlippingBook lets us send real estate agents a link to our digital newsletter instead of having to attach multiple PDF documents to an email.
Laura Beattie DMS Connect
Laura Beattie
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With FlippingBook, we can keep track of how many times clients view and share our content. One of our flipbooks now has nearly 500 views.
Sara Brisky APi National Service Group
Sara Brisky
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FlippingBook helps us make sure employees are communicated to in a way that they understand and want to be communicated to.
Jordan Cohen Brio Benefit Consulting
Jordan Cohen
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With FlippingBook, we no longer have the need to print our Course Directory, so we save over $20K per year in printing costs.
Joshua Liebmann Australian Institute of Management
Joshua Liebmann
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FlippingBook integrations

You can integrate FlippingBook with other apps for a more powerful experience.

Google Analytics

Integrate a Google Analytics code right into your flipbook for deeper insights on how clients interact with your digital content.


Install and activate the FlippingBook plugin on your WordPress site. This will let you embed gorgeous flipbooks on your website.


You can connect any app with FlippingBook, thus creating a seamless workflow. From creating flipbooks automatically to delivering leads in your CRM or getting notifications in Slack–you can do it all with Zapier. It’s a simple integration tool that can connect FlippingBook with the tools of your choice and automate the tasks you hate.

Have a question about the integrations you can set up with FlippingBook?

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