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FlippingBook Publisher is desktop software for Windows.

You can get a perpetual license that allows you to install and use the software indefinitely. Technical support and updates are included for 1 year with the option to renew afterward.


Features for web developers and digital marketers
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White-label publications ready for your branding
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Automatic PDF conversion for heavy document load


single-user license, available via annual subscription only
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Professional Business Enterprise
Number of flipbook views Indicates how many visitors can access your flipbook. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of flipbooks Indicates how many online flipbooks you can create. Unlimited Self?Hosted Unlimited Self?Hosted Unlimited Self?Hosted
Mobile devices support (HTML5) Automatically created versions for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
Page flip effect for desktop browsers High-quality animation that drives engagement and attention to your document.
Self-hosting Host documents on your own servers or Intranet. No limits.
Cloud hosting Reliable Amazon hosting for your online documents. Learn more. subscription-based, see info subscription-based, see info subscription-based, see info
Links detection Our service detects all the links to websites, files and emails in your original PDF and transfers them into the flipbook.
Bookmarks detection Any bookmarks from your PDF will be transformed into a helpful interactive Table of Contents in the final document.
Vector texts detection If your PDFs contain vector texts, they will be extracted to preserve the original text quality for large screens.
Fonts detection Custom fonts are extracted from the PDF, so that texts in the final flipbook looked exactly like those in the original file.
Multiple PDF import Import several PDFs into one project—create an online publication from many single-page or small PDFs in no time.
JPEG import Use JPEG images instead of, or together with, PDFs to create online documents.
24 ready skins A variety of beautiful skins by professional designers that fit any content.
Video embedding Add YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia videos anywhere on the page for better engagement. You can host your videos publicly or privately – either way they’ll work well in your publications.
Pop-up images embedding Make any image in your flipbook enlarge on click. The high-res image will open in a pop-up.
Inline images embedding Weave an inline image right into the page of your publication and make it even more engaging.
Adding custom links Create clickable areas anywhere on the page. For readers’ comfort, links are highlighted when the page is first opened.
Adding audio files Enrich your content with background audio: add MP3 files to accompany your flipbook as people read it.
GIF embedding Add GIF-animations on publication pages.  
Table of contents Add an interactive table of contents next to your document for easy navigation around the content.
Thumbnails This interactive sidebar helps clients navigate around your content with ease.
Accessible navigation Clients can jump to any page of your publication using a mouse or a keyboard. Plus, screen readers give spoken descriptions to any icons or control buttons around the publication.
Text search Powerful text search for easy navigation through documents of any length.
Share Share your documents via email or social networks and by embedding into your website and Facebook.
Print Your readers can print out the whole document, a specific page or a number of selected pages.
PDF download Your readers can download your document as an original PDF. You can also add an accessible PDF version for people with disabilities to download on their screen readers.
Notes Add a note to any place on a publication page. For publication readers only.
Slideshow An auto mode with page sliding effect for presentations.
Direct link A direct web link to your online document that works in all browsers.
Direct link to each page Share the info your customers need by sending them the link to the specific page with that info, not the whole document.
Website embedding Put your working flipbook on your web pages by copying and pasting a simple embed code.
WordPress embedding Embed to a WordPress website/blog with the help of our special plugin and a simple code.
Digital bookshelf (collections) Organize your documents into collections and get an individual link for each one, for easier sharing and distribution.
Offline publishing Create stand-alone publications for Windows and Mac, that can be burned to CD/DVD, saved to USB sticks, and used with no Internet connection.  
Custom background Add your own branded background to the document.
Copyright button Add a CTA button that will show the visitors a clear way to your website.
Custom URL Customize the URLs of your documents. For flipbooks on FlippingBook Cloud.
Your logo Add your company’s logo to the document’s background and loading screen to tighten the association with your brand.  
Label-free flipbooks Remove all mentions of FlippingBook from your documents.  
Disable share, print, and download Prevent your original PDF from being downloaded, printed, and shared.
Google indexing control You can hide your documents from Google and other search engines.
Password protection Set a password to keep your content secure on the web.  
Domain restriction Specify the websites your publication can be viewed on.  
Automated PDF Conversion
Automated PDF Conversion Automate PDF to HTML5 conversion to create publications faster and with minimum efforts.    
Page limit Number of PDF pages that can be automatically converted to HTML5 pages.     100k per year (need more? Contact sales.)
Hot folders A folder that FlippingBook Automation monitors for PDFs.     1
Google Analytics integration Put GA tracking code into your document and measure all kinds of statistics: views, downloads, clicks and visitors’ behavior.
SEO-friendly version You can make your documents searchable on Google and other engines, and drive website traffic with your content.
Custom subdomain name on Cloud Get your own subdomain name when hosting documents with us, so it’s easier for customers and partners to find them.
Built-in FTP Client You can upload a flipbook to your server without leaving the software interface. This will significantly speed up the publishing process.
Adding custom files You can add any custom file to your flipbook, which will be available by clicking on the “Download” button.
Right-to-left interface Right-to-left pageflip direction and interface

More about FlippingBook Publisher


  • When you purchase FlippingBook Publisher, you get a perpetual license that lets you install and use the software indefinitely. One year of support and updates is included.

    Starting the second year, regular software updates, support, and the ability to host publications in FlippingBook cloud come at an additional price. Learn more about Support, Updates and Unlimited Cloud.

  • A single FlippingBook Publisher license can be installed on one computer and used by a single user only. If you’re looking to buy the software for multiple users, сontact us for pricing and details.

  • There’s no native Mac version for FlippingBook Publisher, but you can install the software on your Mac with the help of third-party virtualization software. Or try FlippingBook Online, which works right in your browser on any platform.

  • Sure, we offer hosting service. If you have a license of FlippingBook Publisher and active Support and Updates, you can host up to 3 publications in FlippingBook Cloud. If you need more than that, you can get Unlimited Cloud for additional price. Learn more.

  • Sure, you can upgrade your edition later in your personal account at www.merrot-link.com.cn.

  • You can be sure your data is safe with us. We would never sell it to third parties or abuse it in any other way. We may email you occasionally about the company and product updates, but you can always opt out. Read more about our Privacy policy or the GDPR compliance.

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